RStudio Desktop Pro (Mac OS X)

Daily builds are intended for testing purposes, and are not recommended for general use. For stable builds, please visit

The daily build uses your existing license. If you haven’t yet licensed the product then the build provides a 45-day evaluation version subject to the RStudio End User License Agreement. By downloading the product you acknowledge that you either have an existing license or that you are evaluating the product and agree to the terms of the RStudio End User License Agreement.

Filename Size Published Commit Build ID
RStudio-pro-1.3.174-3.dmg 123.8 MB 2019-05-14 17:22:00 19a0fbb2 8f29b5ea59c9dcc4b3620b329f5e51e4-16
RStudio-pro-1.3.142-2.dmg 123.8 MB 2019-04-30 18:41:18 6c23e238 907300ab8700df37234e37b3341cc4b3-16
RStudio-pro-1.3.117-2.dmg 123.8 MB 2019-04-16 05:58:38 e5966946 e8b2225de09579f92f6c3d8688fe3084-16
RStudio-pro-1.3.108-1.dmg 123.5 MB 2019-04-10 02:21:06 1c7205a5 e45148c92ee6eb70befecb9df890796f-16
RStudio-pro-1.3.74-4.dmg 123.5 MB 2019-03-26 20:34:03 22d13955 fe4a328cd309e4bf36d804bc368521c8-16
RStudio-pro-1.3.33-1.dmg 117.7 MB 2019-02-26 18:16:18 4e3f0871 9f8579466909ffd515f7c685d03cfdbd-15
RStudio-pro-1.3.25-4.dmg 117.7 MB 2019-02-21 00:20:42 207e1798 ef32db662f3f3e81b33c1588647bf3ac-15
RStudio-pro-1.3.25-3.dmg 117.7 MB 2019-02-13 16:34:06 84713470 3aba0c5e64a4cdd870a627d22f6c1d28-15