Latest RStudio Builds

Most of the time, you’re probably wanting to just get a link to the latest RStudio build, from the current daily branch, for a particular platform. For that, you want this URL:


This will return a JSON blob that tells you the current daily branch’s codename and version, and a list of products built for that branch. It looks something like this:

	"branch": "Prairie Trillium",
	"version": "2022.01",
	"products": {
		"desktop": {
			"name": "RStudio Desktop",
			"platforms": {
				"windows": {
					"name": "Windows 10+",
					"link": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/rstudio-ide-build/desktop/windows/RStudio-2022.01.0-daily%2B158.exe",
					"filename": "RStudio-2022.01.0-daily+158.exe",
					"sha256": "e7f4734d53c00d2602dd4a39eaf12f52c9f022bf534f52a11f8d94e68178b5b1",
					"channel": "Daily",
					"version": "2022.01.0-daily+158",
					"size": 214023392,
					"commit": "134a59edc5eaa94ecb1c9cd52372bbe85154b031",
					"date": "2021-10-22 17:45:06 +0000 UTC"



So, for example, a very simple script to get a link to the latest Windows build might look like this:

$ curl -s https://dailies.rstudio.com/rstudio/latest/index.json | jq '.products.desktop.platforms.windows.link'



By Branch or Release

Sometimes what you need is the latest build for a particular branch; for example, if you have a stable version of RStudio but are tracking patches or updates to it.

A link to the latest builds for a given branch can be found on the bottom right hand side of the page when you’re looking at a branch’s builds; alternately, you can use the link above, replacing latest with the name of the branch. For example, to get the latest Elsbeth Geranium (2022.11) builds:


Stable Builds

The above mechanisms will let you track the very latest dailies or new builds for a particular branch or release. If all you want is to grab the latest stable release of RStudio, use the downloads API exposed on rstudio.com:


Note that this API returns metadata for all RStudio products, and uses a different JSON structure than the one used for daily builds.